10 Things I Wish I’d Known In My First Week of Blogging

Fun & Fit's Kimberly and Alexandra Williams blogging beauties

We are celebrating a Fun & Fit Friday here on adroyt with a guest post by none other than (drumroll, please) the blogging genius Alexandra Williams, half the dynamic duo behind the feisty fitness brand she founded with her twin sister Kimberly. We’re thrilled to be showcasing the fitness guru-cum-fab-writer’s sharp wit, which we know is going to result in such a brouhaha on Twitter (find her here) and Facebook we’ll likely rack up some Klout points in the next few days. Hang on for the ride here; no matter how adroyt you are at keeping your composure, this gal’s gonna make you laugh. Warning: adroyt is not responsible for any liquids sprayed onto keyboards or monitors. We strongly suggest you don’t drink while reading this post!


Get Ready for a Comedic Take on Blogging!

Heeeerrrrr’s Alexandra:

I recently came across a great question on a directory site for healthy living bloggers: “What do you wish someone would have told you in your first week of blogging?:

That got me to thinking, or musing, as the case may be.

I wish I’d been told that:

1. There are places to get photos for the blog that don’t cost money and are free legally.

Who wants to go to jail for Photo Poaching? Just imagine:

Whatcha in fer?

“Bank robbery.”


“Stabbings, maimings.”

“Bad Monty Python Quotes.”

“Illegal photo download.”

Really, who will sit with me in the commissary after that?

2. I’d be mainlining Twitter.

If you haven’t gone there yet, don’t do it. You’ll get sucked in.

Too many twerps, goons & stalkers cool people.

3. Not all your family and close personal (damn those fair-weather) friends will subscribe and comment.

Even after the blackmail pictures.

4. Some people will write mean, snarky stuff.

But enough about my family and friends.

The Williams twins are blogging beauties

5. Having mean or condescending comments actually means you’re becoming successful.

Why be so bland that no one disagrees with you? Unless your blog is about oatmeal.

6. It’s actually quite easy to get newspapers, syndicated sites and radio hosts to print your stuff and give you air time.

Just call and ask…

… If your writing’s good…

… And you pay them…

No, you really can get media attention.

Be good at writing. Ask. That’s it.

Oh, one more thing. Relentlessly hound them. That also works.

7. It’s a waste of energy to be jealous of others’ success.

There’s always room for more talent. Or you can kneecap them.

(Oh, I hope Tonya Harding doesn’t read my blog.)

8. My back would hurt from sitting at the computer for hours on end.

Or is that “hours on my end?”

9. I’d need to be prepared to change as we see what’s working and what’s not.

For example, my blog is actually “our” blog as it’s written by my twin sister and me.

But she wasn’t working so I got rid of her.

Besides, she’s imaginary…. Oh, hi Kymberly.

10. Sometimes it’s more of a slog than a blog.

But stay committed. It really is fun. And rewarding.

And you meet lots of great people. Especially on Twitter.


What are the 10 things you wish you’d known before beginning your blog?

*A note to adroyt readers, this post was crafted in 2011 and though social media continues to influence marketing, quite a lot has changed philosophically during the intervening five and a half years. We see these dated posts merely as proof of our evolution as a new media strategy firm, which, in an industry that moves like an ever-changing mark, requires flexibility and foresight. If you have found your way here because you are interested in help with SEO strategy, please contact us. We also have an e-commerce site from which we sell downloadable tutorials on how to gain SERP traction. We also have our Whyte Papers covering subjects relating to excellent SEO strategy available on this site. May the force be with you!

12 thoughts on “10 Things I Wish I’d Known In My First Week of Blogging

  1. Oh. My. GOD. This is fabulous. I’ve been blogging for 3 years and everything you just wrote is SO spot on. Especially the part about, well, shoot, everything! It’s so funny – the meanest comments I get ARE from my closest friends! But I am not getting a lot of other negative comments. Maybe my posts are oatmeal boring (but surely not the one I just wrote about labioplasty!). Hmm, deep thoughts. (Pun intended.)

  2. “Some people will write mean, snarky stuff…But enough about my family and friends.” Hilarious!

  3. Thank you @life_halfway and @TheBeardedIris, for your kind words. So rare and unexpected. Well, except for the compliments I get on gas station walls. Today is personal sharing day, right? And Iris (may I call you Iris?), maybe you should put some oatmeal on your labioplasty. For a balanced meal and whatnot.

  4. When did you start writing a blog?Your list of 10 things is great advice for beginners – I should write these down! Simple, straightforward, solid advice … and funny to boot. You really should have a blog to showcase your talents.Your biggest fan (until I lose 20 lbs)Bob ‘El Presidente’ Borson

  5. “Besides, she’s imaginary” Aha! I knew it. That’s what I’ve been saying all along. Great post, Alexandra! And all true. Here’s another one for the list, too:11. You can get blog subscribers and commenters as well as new Twitter followers by tagging along with other bloggers on a hot topic. If you find an interesting blog post that you have a different take on, comment in the article and write your own post about it. Add the link to the comments in the other article and keep the discussion going. Another way to do this is with special events like

  6. Number 3 is the one I relate to the most. I was actually rather surprised how completely disinterested most (though not all) of my otherwise close friends and relatives were in my blogging. Many would only visit if I implored them to. No one would comment. Some would say to me in person “Well, I was going to comment, but quite frankly, I didn’t know what to say”. Then, as I slowly started to build a following and eventually found myself ensconced in an online community which I found quite pleasing and intellectually stimulating, a lot of my real life friends started to appear…well, I hate to say it, but….a lot less interesting. Especially when they’d deride Twitter (not even having actually tried it), and proudly tell me how they’ve still managed to hold on to their crusty old flip-phones.

  7. @Bob – Oh, I haven’t been “writing” a blog per se; I’ve just been copying and pasting yours and putting my name on it. That’s cool, right?@EnergyVanguard – You are so right. I actually did a #blogoff a while ago And I keep promising myself to do another. @JohnSquirrel – I would like to bake you some delicious ensconces! Then intellectually stimulate you by discussing crusty flip phones.Thanks, all, for commenting.

  8. First, you post is spot-on, Alexandra. And, a hoot to read! A few points I’d like to expand upon: #1. There are places to get photos for the blog that don’t cost money and are free legally. Many of us that run commercial sites are thrilled to share our images with bloggers, just ask for permission. All I ask for return is credit for the image and a link back to our site via the image or caption. I’ll provide the HTML code, just ask!

  9. @Avente – That is such a GREAT idea. I never thought of that. Thanks for sharing that tip. Now I wonder what excellent pics you might have that I could borrow. We are excellent about links back b/c we appreciate how hard people work.

  10. It’s all about supporting each others success! Thanks again for a great post with super ideas for young and new bloggers alike.

  11. Alexandra, Thank Granola I’ve found you! Because it IS my first week blogging. Wow. Am I lucky, or what? People are already commenting (to disagree with me on my blog), so that’s a good thing, right? I’d write more, but I have to go give you a +K on Klout for Cats and Funny. No, I’m not kidding. Why do you ask?

  12. Thank Wheat Grass you didn’t say Twinkies, Carol! I am surprised it’s your first week blogging as you are a whiz with words. Or is that, “you wiz on warts?” If people disagree with you, it’s a good thing. Unless it’s the voices in your head!

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