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Adroyt’s founder Saxon Henry has been involved in the marketing revolution that search engine optimization (SEO) has forced upon businesses in the interior design and furnishings industries since 2009. It has been quite a ride, as it was difficult to clarify the territory we were traveling through early on. Because we were involved in such a significant paradigm shift, no one knew exactly what the rules were or how the structure was going to look when we reached the first, second and third plateaus (and we are still climbing)! Here is a bit more about Adroyt:


The SEO Puzzle

“Things are less volatile but the rules are still shifting,” she notes in early 2017. “Google continues to tweak its algorithms to reward the best content on the web, judging the quality by aspects like duplicate content, category and tag development, and inbound and outbound link protocol. These are critical pieces of the SEO puzzle to understand if you are creating or managing an online platform. It is our job to educate our clients or to put the pieces in place for them.”


The SEO puzzle


Saxon spends her working hours strategizing how to gain and maintain relevancy for herself and for her clients. She understands that relevancy is not a fixed mark to be nailed once and then forgotten; it’s a moving target that shifts continually as search engine intelligence and sophistication evolve.

“In 2009, we were still several years away from the Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird algorithms, and RankBrain didn’t appear until 2015,” she notes. “We are still in the first quarter of 2017 and SEO specialists have already seen four significant ranking updates.” The last one at this writing has been dubbed Fred due to a quip by Google’s Gary Illyes proposing all updates from here on out be named Fred: in our book this beats Pigeon and Possum, two identifiers given 2016 updates, by a long shot!

“It’s surprising to me to look back and realize how early I entered the game,” Saxon says; “and it’s quite rewarding to know that as an early adopter, I have developed such a significant storehouse of knowledge that we use daily in our Adroyt arsenal as we help clients rank in myriad ways.”

Through her expertise, we understand that to establish yourself on the digital communications map, you need a vernacular that speaks to your core values but is flexible enough to evolve with the larger milieu—the living, breathing, dynamic universe of new media. It has been the voice of revolutions and has altered news reporting; it has created consumer participation in marketing; and it has become a force in politics, the arts and nearly every aspect of culture. If you want real estate there, you must craft a presence with the eye of a curator. The right strategy means the difference between attracting a dynamic community and shouting into the void. If you’re a self-learner, we offer downloadable knowledge-base tutorials on adroytLABS.


We help our clients become notorious (without the jail time, trashing a hotel room or having to sing the national anthem twice)!


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