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Madame du Barry, the Millennial

Asia Argento in Marie Antoinette
Madame du Barry, mistress Louis XV
Madame du Barry, painted by Auguste de Creuse.


Madame du Barry was the last mistress of Louis XV of France. As one of the victims of the Reign of Terror during the French Revolution, I don’t believe she would mind if we take her out of harm’s way and slide her into the 21st century. Let’s turn her into a Millennial so we can highlight the particulars of this generation when crafting SEO-rich content meant to rank highly with them.


Madame du Barry as a Millennial

In the book Fascinate, Sally Hogshead wrote, “Millennials are more interested in being fascinating than fascinated. By giving them the opportunity to captivate others, you open the door to higher sales or a higher price-point for your brand.” Who grabbed at the opportunity to fascinate more than Jeanne Bécu, the Comtesse du Barry? No one! So, the question is how do we capture her attention and bring her to your site again and again? We create opportunities for her to express herself.


Madame du Barry in a straw hat
Madame du Barry in a straw hat, painted by Louise Élisabeth Vigée Le Brun in the casual style of dress the painter made popular with the ladies of the court.


Unlike Madame de Pompadour, who was Louis XV’s mistress before her, du Barry had little interest in politics, preferring to pass her time ordering ravishing gowns and expensive jewelry. That gives us our first clue as to how to win her heart. Let’s say you have a WordPress blog that you use to promote your eBay store selling vintage jewelry. To captivate someone of du Barry’s temperament, you’ll need to provide her with compelling content that features exceptional finds she will be unable to resist.


A 21st-Century Madame du Barry


Vintage Celluloid earrings


You’ll want your posts to do the heavy lifting to get Google’s attention so that you can attract more millennials like her but you also want to make her feel so jazzed that you turn her into a loyal shopper. You already know who she is because she’s bought from you in the past—a set of vintage celluloid clip earrings shaped like large pink flowers with petals edged in gold that are ornamented with rhinestones her first purchase; her second a Trifari necklace, earring and bracelet set with seed pearls running along the center of the sections connected by pretty gold bows.


Vintage Trifari jewelry


She is a shopaholic so pulling her attention away from the store won’t be easy but you know one of her weaknesses—Instagram! When you feature blog posts about her favorite types of jewelry, make sure to post the images on Instagram, where she is a follower. Call her out after she comments on a new Trifari set asking her if she will be a tastemaker you can feature on the blog, which will appeal to her desire to be fascinating.


Necklace made for Madame du Barry
The famous necklace Louis XV ordered for Madame du Barry that would have a hand in the undoing of the aristocracy.


Let’s say she’s thrilled and she wants to talk about her extensive collection of Celluloid jewelry. You’ll make sure you’ve done all of your research on the era and the evolution of this type of jewelry so you can ask her intelligent questions. It will also help you create content that will rank higher than your competitors on 1stdibs and Etsy due to the relevancy of the subject to your brand. A great example of a blog post that comes up on the first page of a SERP when I typed in Celluloid Jewelry is on The Spruce site. Kudos to the Spruce Team for achieving such an early rank that puts them among the e-commerce behemoths selling this type of jewelry.

My Classic Jewelry blog has a comprehensive post like one I would recommend for Trifari vintage jewelry, as it features how to identify and date it, as well as the history of the brand and the designers behind the jewelry. With posts like these, you will quickly be seen as an expert to Google, who will move you up in relevancy when crawling your blog and attract other millennials like du Barry.


Asia Argento in Marie Antoinette
Asia Argento plays Madame du Barry in Sofia Coppola’s film Marie Antoinette, here in a lush indigo and purple ensemble.


For her post, be sure to ask her questions that make her shine, such as how she has developed such a wonderful sense of style. You’ll want photos of her, of course, so ask for a few images of her in some of her favorite pieces of jewelry. As her for a picture of her wearing one of her purchases from your store. Featuring images of her will make a stunning post visually, as you can see what a stylish woman history claims she was in this scene from Marie Antoinette, which Coppola directed. Madame du Barry is standing beside the king in the lovely turquoise dress, decked out in jewels. The screenplay Coppola wrote certainly brings the court life of Louis XV and Louis XVI sumptuously to life. I so admire her storytelling skills:



Blogs and Word Count for SEO

One of the weightiest issues with blog posts and SEO is word count. Many bloggers concentrate on the visuals, putting what amount to heavy captions between them. While images are super important, particularly in the design and fashion fields, Google will actually penalize a post with so few words. You have to get a search engine’s attention to move to the front of the pack before you can draw the people you’re hoping to entice to your brand. It’s just that simple.

If a post is longer and written intelligently, it will be seen as relevant so be sure you know the rules before you publish your explorations of whatever subject you are passionate about. We have a knowledgebase tutorial on word count and keyword density on adroyt LABS that highlights the hoops you’ll need to jump through in this area.

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