Not All Great Architecture Exists in Built Form: A Book is Born!

Hicks and Edward Durrell Stone architecture

I’m heading to The National Arts Club tonight to hear Hicks Stone read from his newly released book about his father’s life and work. He’s the youngest son of Edward Durell Stone and a practicing architect in New York City. I asked him, as a prerequisite to hearing him speak tonight, how it felt to put this book together. He responded, “I loved the process of conducting the research and writing the book. That said, given the half-century of vituperative and inaccurate commentary on father, I felt an enormous burden to produce a book that redefined his life and his work. My goal was to provide a solid foundation and encouragement for future scholarship and to dispel the prevailing mythology that colors perceptions about him.” I’ve interviewed Hicks about his own work, and admire his knowledge and depth about architecture and his father’s passion for excellence so I can’t wait to hear him speak tonight!


The Enduring Architecture of Edward Durell Stone

Hicks wrote a moving tribute for Do.comomo: Edward Durell Stone was my father. Father and I had a tenuous and at times a difficult relationship. He would have found it both comically improbable and deeply touching if he had been aware that I had written his biography. Even though our relationship was distant, I had a closely-held but deeply-seated admiration for his achievements. The underlying impetus to write his biography extends back to my childhood in New York during the 1960s. Anyone who came of age during those years recalls them as a time when activists would champion the rights of people unjustly relegated to living life at the margins of society. It was this sensitivity to injustice and an activist’s desire to right wrongs that set me on the course that led me to submit a proposal to Rizzoli for my father’s biography in the spring of 2008. Simply stated, Father has been unfairly treated for over a half-century, and the time for him to be accorded the simple decency, recognition and respect that he deserves from the architectural community is long overdue.”


Hicks Stone, the youngest son of Edward Durell Stone, read from his newly released book about his father's life and work.


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