A tour of Dublin turns into a writer's odyssey on the adroyt blog.

Chapter One, Somewhere in the Middle

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On a bright and sunny fall morning in Dublin we were in search of the city’s famed Writer’s Museum, hoping to read some of our favorite prose from the original, yellowed pages. Books and personal effects were organized throughout the rooms of the former-home-turned-institution and its winding hallways eventually led us to the now defunct […]

Distribution of reported Bigfoot sightings in North America.

Bigfoot Sighting on Google!

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It’s #WhyteWednesday and we’re trotting out (with large hairy feet) another WhytePaper ™. Adroyt’s in the relationship business and today we take a look at the relationship between you and Google (you’re in bed, whether you want to be or not). So why not be all you can be?   Why Should I Use Social […]

Saxon Henry Klout score 2016

An Extra Helping of Sour Klout

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My friends roll their eyes when someone brings up the subject of Klout in my presence because they know I’ll likely rush into a rant about how I’m deemed a “Feeder” even though my score outdistances many “Specialists” (and don’t get me started about when they were testing titles like “Influencers” and “Thought Leaders” among […]