Gerard McLean Book Cover

Gerard McLean: A Walk in the Park

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Today on the adroyt blog, we interview Gerard McLean, whose book Monkey with a loaded typewriter: Mostly true essays was recently released. These essays were culled from a blog he kept for nearly a decade, DogWalkBlog, for which he drew a strong following thanks to his offbeat point of view. When it came time to […]

the twilight zone as literary prompt

The Twilight Zone

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It is said we each have 25,000 mornings; how are you using yours? If you are a blogger, the amount of material required to maintain the hungry beast can be daunting. Have you ever felt bereft that you were facing yet another week of creating content each day of the post, feeling ragged and unsure […]

original thinking by Robert Grudin

Original Thinking

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We’ve become quite fascinated with uniqueness here at adroyt. What makes a person and his or her thinking particular to him or her? is a question we bandy about ad nauseam as we identify social media “voices” for our clients. There’s a book that’s been around for a while which explores questions of originality and […]

Welcome to the Adroyt Salon!

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Gertrude Stein arrived in Paris in 1903 and within a few years would found one of the city’s renowned salons with her brother Leo. The weekly explorations in their studio at 27 rue de Fleurus drew iconic visionaries from Hemingway to Picasso and Ford Maddox Ford to Apollinaire for weekly discussions about art and literature. […]