Mad Men on the New York Subway

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Don Draper and Season 5 of Mad Men finally arrived this past Sunday. The nation has finally been allowed to collectively exhale its bated breath (Don’s being a cloud of vintage smoke) and try to get comfortable on their Mid-Century Modern sofas as the drama continues after an extended hiatus. Leading up to this year’s […]

Google Good to Know Campaign

A Spin on the Subway: Google’s Good to Know Campaign

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Google is running a new and pervasive ad campaign in several US metropolitan centers; the subway trains in New York City are plastered with banal posters explaining internet privacy, basic browsing lingo, and Google’s own policies. This seems to be a spin directive aimed at countering the recent storm of response to Google’s cross-platform consolidation […]

The Writing’s On The Wall

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It’s #WhyteWednesday and here’s the second installment in a series of #WhytePapers (TM), taking a quick, clear look at a few basic understandings about the why’s and wherefore’s of social media for business. These statements will be collated and available for your use on a section of this site, as soon as we get a […]

WhyteWednesday on adroyt

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We’re launching a new series of posts called WhyteWednesday – seems we couldn’t be more blatant about the scheduling, but the rest of the tag might need a little explanation. It’s simple, really: we’re taking the idea of a white paper and branding it “by adroyt.” The topics will center around our chosen mission of […]