Jonglez Secret New York

The Secret of Travel Success

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I am a serious fan of the JonGlez Publishing Secret guides, which are written by local experts for local inhabitants of cities and curious travelers alike. The places they feature in these beautifully crafted books filled with fabulous photography are unusual and unfamiliar so that anyone using them can step off the beaten track. Secret London […]

McSorleys perfect bar for an adroyt salon

It’s the Adroyt Salon: Belly Up to the Bar!

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 The Adroyt Salon Debuts Pushing boundaries or entering unexplored territory can be daunting, especially when the landscape is as unmapped as social media and you’re driven to make meaning on par with a salon. Those of us working professionally in the field are a bit like early cartographers who scaled ridges and skirted wetlands to […]

Balzac's desk in Paris

Your Virtual Birth: A SoMe Debut

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If you’re thinking about a social media marketing campaign and haven’t considered the long-range scenario, now’s the time to really “get” the fact that “SoMe-done-right” is a virtual birth. If the delivery doesn’t go well, your reputation could end up in ICU; if it does go well, you’ll have all the rewards of your long-awaited […]