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Gerard McLean: A Walk in the Park

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Today on the adroyt blog, we interview Gerard McLean, whose book Monkey with a loaded typewriter: Mostly true essays was recently released. These essays were culled from a blog he kept for nearly a decade, DogWalkBlog, for which he drew a strong following thanks to his offbeat point of view. When it came time to […]

Anthony Bourdain taking off on his Congo adventure on the adroyt blog.

Anthony Bourdain: Parts Known and Unknown

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The foodie reality show The Taste, returns to ABC next Thursday (December 4) and Anthony Bourdain will be up to his usual abrasiveness given the sound-bite the network is airing, which has him proclaiming, “Abuse, terror…makes me want to frolic!” Nigella Lawson, Ludo Lefebvre and Marcus Samuelsson join him as mentors/judges so it will be […]

Ernest Hemingway Paris

The Social Media Megaphone

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“Inside each of us is a storyteller. We like to amplify. Social platforms and the internet in general allow us to do that. They are a megaphone for your message.” This quote from Shama Hyder Kabani’s The Zen of Social Media Marketing gave us pause, leading us to the question we are posing this #ThoughtThursday on […]

Balzac's desk in Paris

Your Virtual Birth: A SoMe Debut

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If you’re thinking about a social media marketing campaign and haven’t considered the long-range scenario, now’s the time to really “get” the fact that “SoMe-done-right” is a virtual birth. If the delivery doesn’t go well, your reputation could end up in ICU; if it does go well, you’ll have all the rewards of your long-awaited […]