Jonglez Secret New York

The Secret of Travel Success

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I am a serious fan of the JonGlez Publishing Secret guides, which are written by local experts for local inhabitants of cities and curious travelers alike, which I believe help anyone achieve travel success, especially if they love going off the beaten path. The places they feature in these beautifully crafted books filled with fabulous […]

Spontaneous Interventions

Spontaneous Interventions

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The 13th iteration of the International Venice Architecture Biennale is about to swing its metaphorical doors open, welcoming visitors (170,000 last time!) for three months from August 29 to November 25, 2012, and the US Pavilion has been named “Spontaneous Interventions: design actions for the common good.” Considered the world’s most prestigious architectural event, the biennale is […]

Photograph of the Grand Canal in Venice © adroyt original

#LetsBlogOff and Relax!

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Rarely these days is travel considered a way to relax and refresh—after all, getting through airport security, dealing with smaller personal space on planes, trains and buses, and paying real money for even the sparest of hotel rooms can create a perfect storm of frustration during the best of trips. That said, some of my […]

Fountain at the MET seems as if it wants to say something

Shut Up and Say Something

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Viral is a wonderful thing. It is the germ of effect which delivers on the potency of the internet and its digital multiplication. It’s the Holy Grail of all sincere web quests. When something goes viral, it’s just sick, man. But shouldn’t you say something when you want it to be that something that goes […]