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Was It Good For You?

Marquise de Rambouillet good salon model

As Heraclitus is said to have quipped, “Nothing endures but change.” That’s certainly true here at adroyt, as we are taking a bit of a different tack with our salon. As of today, we’re ceasing our virtual salon in order to take it on the road IRL. Look for news as to where we will be holding the events in 2012, most of which will be sprinkled about New York City but some of which will find us in other ports of call. Many a writer or salonière  have felt the pull to dish, disrupt and disagree so we appreciate the agreeable social media pals we’ve developed over the past year or so (you know who you are!) because we’ve actually had some fine conversations!


Was it good for you the statue asks! ©adroyt

Was It Good for You? A Segue…

As we move into the real world, we salute Catherine de Vivonne, more widely known by fans of the French salon era as Marquise de Rambouillet, who—after the birth of her eldest daughter, Julie Lucine d’Angennes, in 1607—gathered around her a circle of intriguing personalities who gave renown to her salon. It’s her visage I chose for the featured image at the top of this post. I  have always been mesmerized by the stories of her life, especially when she and her husband had taken residence in Paris at the Hôtel Pisani, then renamed Hôtel de Rambouillet, and situated on rue Saint-Honoré. This hôtel was later demolished to make room for Cardinal Richelieu’s Palais Cardinal, and a new Hôtel de Rambouillet was built in 1618 on the rue Saint-Thomas du Louvre, between the Louvre and the Tuileries.

She received her visitors in a salon painted in blue, known as the chambre bleue. The Hôtel de Rambouillet would maintain its importance as a literary salon until 1650, and almost all major players of the French aristocracy and literature of the time frequented it. We hope to see you in our own version of the chamber bleue; until then, we leave you with this question regarding our virtual experience/experiment, “Was it good for you?” And we express deep gratitude to those who have taken the time to stop in and read our ramblings, especially those generous souls who’ve made it a point to comment because a salon is one of those rare instances during which silence is not golden!

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