What’s a Postlet?

When the postlet was golden
 Awhile back, as participants in the Twitter-hosted #letsblogoff series of creative writing challenges, a group of Tweeps addressed the topic of storytelling. This is a hot topic in these days of “striving for engagement” and delivering relevance. The spate of seminars and conferences aimed at coaching bloggers, marketers, and customer relationship managers is ample evidence of the scramble to master the art of the interactive narrative.

The Age of the Postlet

A viewpoint was taken that without a willing audience, there is no discourse, no matter how significant the account might be to the raconteur. End of story. In our day-to-day modern lives, we’re rather painfully aware of the cacophony of information being launched at us, in a bid for our fragmented attention. We resent this barrage as it erodes our craving for something we can depend upon: a little real nourishment in a world of chips and candy.

We would prefer less arbitrary proliferation and more discretion. Choice nuggets are better than mountains of mediocrity. To this end, adroyt endorses clarity, quality, and efficacy. More message with less noise – better results with appropriate effort; it’s to our mutual benefit. Thus was born the postlet, the scion of a full-blown blog dissertation. We’ll keep it brief, interesting, and digestible. Here’s to relevance!

When the postlet was golden

Those Were the Days!

*A note to adroyt readers, this post was crafted in 2011 and though social media and blogging continue to influence marketing, quite a lot has changed philosophically during the intervening five and a half years. For instance, the Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird algorithm tweaks by Google took care of our glib ideas about posting short, succinct treatises on what we do. That said, we are leaving these exploration on our blog because we see these dated posts merely as proof of our evolution as a new media strategy firm, working in an industry that changes pretty much minute-by-minute. We actually believe that someday they may even be historical documents showing the evolution of the digital marketing model. If you have found your way here because you are interested in help with SEO strategy, please contact us. We also have an e-commerce site from which we sell downloadable tutorials on how to gain SERP traction. May the force be with you!