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When adroyt Grows Up: A #LetsBlogOff Post

A Little Less Conversation Elvis Presley

It’s Let’s Blog Off time again, rock-n-roll fans, and we’re tossing a little fun your way today. It’s no secret we’re in the social media biz so our M.O. is engagement, of course; but we like to think it’s important to keep it intense, high-quality and meaningful as our audience grows. The way The King puts it is “a little less conversation and a little more action.”



What do we want to be when adroyt grows up: the Elvis of Web 3.0! We’re shaking our hips and taking names! Join us in the quality versus quantity way of virtually “being.” And we’re wondering will we still be talking quality versus quantity when we do grow up?


Keeping Up as Relevancy Grows More Complex

*The challenging thing about a blog is that it ages and when said content is about a subject as ever-changing as social media, it’s bound to be dated at some point. This post was written in 2011 and there has been lots of water (and conversation) under the bridge since then, as before long we will be ringing in the New Year of 2017! So are we still talking quality versus quantity? Well, Google threw us a bit of a curve-ball with the Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird updates, which now require a minimum of 500 words per post to rank for relevancy, and an update in mid-2016 even notes that around 1,200 words per post is even more respected. That’s quite a lot of content considering our client load has grown quite dramatically since we began offering our services in new media. How do we describe our tack now that we are all of eight years old? We now must talk about quality AND quantity because they go hand-in-hand when it means ranking well in SERP. We’re proud of our growth and we expect to be watching every move the search engine engineers make so that we stay on top of what’s best for our clients in the virtual work. We call that a little more conversation!

**A note to adroyt readers from 2017, this post was crafted in 2011 and though social media continues to influence marketing, quite a lot has changed philosophically during the intervening five and a half years. We see these dated posts merely as proof of our evolution as a new media strategy firm, which, in an industry that moves like an ever-changing mark, requires flexibility and foresight. If you have found your way here because you are interested in help with SEO strategy, please contact us. We also have an e-commerce site from which we sell downloadable tutorials on how to gain SERP traction. We also have our Whyte Papers covering subjects relating to excellent SEO strategy available on this site. May the force be with you!

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  1. Thanks, Bethanne! I think this is such a wonderful collection of Elvis action, don’t you? A very “adroyt” video!!!

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