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Introducing Our Whyte Papers

Hiring the Right SEO Professional

Knowing what questions to ask SEO professionals before the hire

adroyt Whyte Papers educate about hiring for SEO


In this, the first ins our series of Whyte Papers, we explain what you should know about hiring someone to manage your SEO. The subject of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has had a number of definitions since search engines began rewarding sites that contained the information a person peering at a computer or a mobile phone types into a browser bar. Though you will still find a few spammy sites and link farms built by Black Hat practitioners coming up in search results, the days when keyword stuffing would move a site to the first page of SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) are disappearing exponentially. We at adroyt have been practicing White Hat SEO since the beginning. That amounts to nearly a decade of high quality content creation for clients in the design, architecture and lifestyle industries.

Key Question: What do designers, architects and furnishings manufacturers need to know in order to identify skilled SEO practitioners whose aim is to help them achieve lasting relevance?

In this analysis, we will break down the different puzzle pieces that seamlessly fit together to form a healthy SEO tableau. Even if you see yourself as the uninitiated in SEO language, we will help you gain a sense of the territory entered when professionals assess your website from a search-engine-ranking perspective. In doing so, we provide you with interview questions to help you vet someone who claims to understand the subject as fully as he or she should.


The Relevancy Movement

Defining SEO for the Artificial Intelligence Age

adroyt Whyte Papers survey issues relating to SEO


The subject of this, the second in the adroyt Whyte Papers series, examines the ways in which SEO has changed during the past decade: it is as dramatic as the explosion of social media. In its infancy, SEO was the shady practice of stuffing keywords, tweaking back-end code and spamming links until a site made traction with the keywords that translated to traffic. With each of Google’s algorithm tweaks, the Black Hat tricksters who gamed the system fall farther out of favor and those of us practicing White Hat SEO make quality gains. We at adroyt call this The Relevancy Movement.


About Adroyt

Adroyt offers a number of SEO-related services. We perform SEO fixes to sites that have never been optimized or have been optimized in the wrong way. We also create exemplary content using SERP (search engine results page) strategy; and we maintain SEO competency on sites. We’re master mixologists when it comes to creating the powerful cocktail of advantage required to maintain relevancy. As search engines continue to push web masters to create high-quality, relevant content that does not include the SEO tricks that once gave websites a leg-up in organic search results, we follow their leads each time they set new rules.

If you would like to dig deeper into our understanding of SEO, you can visit adroytLABS and download knowledgebase tutorials that cover all of the issues that affect a site’s SEO.