Are You All Set for Voice Optimization?

adroyt understands voice optimization

Do you know how people search for your product? Does the content on your site have the user in mind? One of the most accurate ways to nail down voice optimization is by experimenting with it and studying the returns. This is a skillset we at adroyt have developed and it has served our clients well.

When searching, put yourself in your user’s shoes by asking how they are going to phrase their query. Focus by asking the questions that are relevant for your business. For example, if a voice search asks for “gold chandelier,” you want to make sure that your titles and product descriptions say “Kiki Gold Chandelier” rather than “Kiki Chandelier in Gold.”

It is also critical that your website is mobile-friendly because it is on mobile devices where the majority of voice search is performed and people read mobile content differently than they do on a desktop. This means, first and foremost, making sure your website is responsive, or that it adjusts based upon the size and resolution of the screen being used.

Also be certain you are creating content that is as relevant to the needs of the mobile user as it is to the desktop user, which means you’ll rank better in voice search than your competitors. If your site is slow to load, this can hurt you in voice search, as people querying by voice have multi-tasking tendencies and are less likely to wait around if a website loading-time is slow.

Humanize your content by using language in a natural way. Think about how people would normally ask queries and about what your keyword phrases would be in a more conversational context, such as the example of gold chandelier above. No one searching by voice is going to say chandelier in gold. We understand the intricacies of the different types of queries that enhance discovery so give us a shout if you feel your content isn’t up to speed for the future of search.