Avoiding Duplicate Content Issues

Avoiding Duplicate Content Issues with Adroyt

Your Sales Power Depends Upon Your Uniqueness

Many of our clients who sell their products on their own sites have agreements with large e-commerce sites to offer simultaneously. One of our strongest stances with content strategy is that the language we’ve created for our clients’ sites remains only on that site.

If the product descriptions are duplicated, Google assumes someone is steeling content and that one of the sites will be penalized for this. Once punished, which means the perceived pirate will show up in search farther down the road than the other, it’s difficult to gain a search engine’s trust a second time.

We often wonder why anyone managing a site wouldn’t want unique content. In answer, we all too often hear the refrain that it’s easier to take descriptions that are already written.

Remember that old saying, if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it? Well, taking exceptional content and spreading it around can actually be breaking it in this scenario! This is one of our best practices in our Content Optimization guidelines, but this issue also includes a bit of Strategy Hacking

The tip could ease your mind if you’ve already allowed an e-commerce partner to use your content so contact us if this is the case and we will share a bit of wisdom with you that just might help you sleep better at night.