Being Obsessed with User Experience

Happy User Experience is an Adroyt skill

Do Search Engines Take You Seriously?

Given the din of content that is unleashed online every day, there is a serious need for companies to deepen their commitment to high-quality content if they expect search engines to take them seriously. After all, this is the first step to attracting consumers who’ve never heard of a brand. This is even truer for businesses with smaller footprints on the web. With every algorithm tweak, Google’s mandate has been aimed at giving visitors a fabulous user experience (UX).

How important will UX become? Search Engine Land’s Ryan Shelley goes so far as to say, “Google is obsessed with the user—and you should be, too. As search results become more and more customized, user experience (UX) is going to play a larger role in search. If your content is not engaging your users, you will lose out, no matter how great your information is.”

Excellent Content Gets Profitable Attention

We advise that you take this to heart because we have seen the benefit to our clients first-hand. During the last Hight Point Market, our founder was standing in a client showroom when a respected design blogger approached and asked if adroyt was creating the content for the client’s website.

She replied that we are. To her delight, the blogger told her how she suspected this because the quality of the language is so superb she kept clicking on product profiles to enjoy the lyrical language that awaited.

Not only did that result in some excellent dwell time for the client, it proves that exemplary content does matter. What should this say to you? If you are having someone who doesn’t have exceptional writing skills to fill in product profiles with all the pertinent information, you’re cheating yourself out of profitability.  

The Laws of Attraction Are Different Online

This may be adequate to attract a crawl from Google but if potential consumers are clicking through and feeling ho-hum about what they see there, they will bounce off sooner. This tells Google the site is not offering a great experience to that visitor.

Providing a fantastic user experience is where we at adroyt live as content strategists, and we are grateful the blogger let us know how strongly we are succeeding. An added benefit to our client: the blogger featured their products because she was so enthusiastic about the content.