Does Your Grammar Spell Success?

Scrabble Nicole de Khors


Did you know that bad grammar and misspelled words can hurt your ranking with search engines? Bing has confirmed that its spiders use grammar as a factor in the search rankings it returns. When Google released its Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird algorithm tweaks, it was the beginning of a series of adjustments aimed at bringing more smarts to its artificial intelligence. All of these moves fall under the umbrella of RankBrain.

Grammar Impacts UX

Everything travels at the speed of light on the internet, so many content creators see these markers as old news but they continue to impact content creation because Google is continuously teaching their bots and spiders how to recognize quality and intelligence. The way Google expressed it when it began rolling out its Hummingbird tweak is that it wanted all webmasters to think of themselves as publishers who value an excellent user experience. Give them content that resembles a well-written book or a smart magazine article, the search engine giant said.

It touted “freshness of content” as one of the most important of more than 200 unique signals or “clues” that give a website a leg-up when it released its Penguin algorithm tweak. You can see a thread running through all of these if you look closely enough—give a good impression of your brand and the search engines will honor you by moving you ever closer to the front when someone is searching for whatever it is you offer. Put simply, it is critical that you take your content as seriously as they do.

One of the things that sets us apart at adroyt is we are writers who understand the demands of organic SEO, one of which is creating compelling content. When we work with clients, we are not only telling each brand’s story with every piece of content we compose about their histories or their teams, we are infusing content such as product descriptions with so much creativity, each is a story in and of itself. If you feel it is time to kick your content up a notch or ten, we take our wordsmithing seriously and we stand at the ready to put it to work for you.