Hitting ALL the Right Notes for SEM

Taller boy with a trumpet blows his horn into the ear of a younger boy who is annoyed

If you’re paying attention to the quality of the content on your site and buying AdWords, you are hitting all the right notes. If you are putting money into AdWords at the expense of the other aspects of your online platform, the funds you are dedicating to the ads may not be serving you as well as you think.

SEO Affects SEM

What does this quirky phrase with its mysterious acronyms mean? Search Engine Optimization (the quality of the content on your site and the User Experience it provides) affects Search Engine Marketing (the money you spend on AdWords). In their AdWords training materials, Google makes this telling statement: “The more relevant your ads AND [the emphasis is ours] landing pages are to the user, the more likely it is that you’ll have a higher Quality Score and benefit from having higher quality components of your Ad Rank, such as a higher ad position or lower cost-per-click (CPC).”

Here is how Google sets up the Scenario:

“Fiona wants the landing page for all of her ads to go to the homepage of Fine Furniture’s website. The homepage, however, isn’t very customer-friendly—it’s not clear how to navigate the site, there are too many images, and some of the sales announcements are outdated. Additionally, the homepage isn’t relevant to all of the ads Antoine is planning to have the agency’s creative director design. What might you tell Fiona about the importance on the landing page experience?”

We would tell her that it is one of the most important introductions she will ever create. Determining website User Experience (UX), which includes the all-important landing page, is one of the services we offer. If the songs you are singing to attract customers is falling flat, let us help you get back on key. If you’re not sure you are hitting the right notes, we can do a Relevancy Audit to help you understand how to fine-tune your website.