Romance Your Content

Romance Your Content with Adroyt


A client recently contracted us to write product profiles for new releases: “We need to write romance copy for several of our designs and need someone who is rooted in design!” she wrote. This is always music to our ears and we are particularly proud when clients return to us, as most of them do.

Why Romance Your Content?

Why is it important to “romance” your content? Because putting extra effort into making the words sing will please customers and set you apart when search engines are crawling your site. This is called good User Experience, or UX, one of the most important collections of cues Google uses to judge your website. The more unique your content, the greater your influence will be, which will move you up in search because the spiders that rank your content will know you’ve put extra effort into it.

What do we mean by romance? We mean giving the product description something special that references its name and its design. One example is the Ariadne Oval Chandelier produced by Currey & Company, one of our favorite clients. Instead of simply saying “The Ariadne Oval Chandelier is a rectangular fixture with a knotty frame in a gold leaf finish clasping an off-white shantung shade,” we wrote this description, which we know sets it apart:

“Mythology has some knotty tales, the one Theseus inhabited a circuitous one. Thankfully he was loved by an immortal who helped him escape the labyrinth, a woman just as clever as our namesake Ariadne Oval Chandelier with its looping knots and sexy swagger. The body of the fixture is made of wrought iron that has been treated to a contemporary gold leaf finish. The inset shade that softens the light source is made of off-white shantung. This chandelier joins a number of pieces in our Ariadne offerings.”

Creativity in Content Pays Dividends

Put creativity into your profiles and visitors will reward you by staying longer to read and by visiting multiple product pages, which will signal to Google you’re making them happy. High time on site and a high number of pages visited equal a low bounce rate, the three markers that represent respectability that will put your offerings in front of customers who are searching for the types of products you sell.

If you are not content with your content, get in touch with us so we can show your products a little love!