Strategy Hacking Shines a Light on Sales

Luxury Chandelier on Adroyt

Ignore Your Visitors and They Will Go Away

With the explosion of digital data and the cross-pollination of content promotion, understanding how marketing efforts are faring can be a daunting task. It’s a remarkable fact that almost 46% of marketers don’t even look at analytics to see whether their efforts are benefitting their online platforms.

This inspires one question: “Why would anyone want to work blind?”

User experience (UX) has become such a hot topic, it’s important to remember that the end-all/be-all for success is the purchase. When we put our Strategy Hacking skills to work for a client, we study a site’s analytics with regularity to see how sales are faring, often making sideways moves that help them thrive.

Play to the Strengths of Your Audience

One example is a client in the luxury lighting distribution business who hired us to identify the company’s audience. Our depth of experience in the home furnishings and interior design industries made this a relatively easy exercise.

Once we presented the customer demographics, we began a mix of content optimization, editorial calendar management, and an analysis of how e-mail marketing campaigns, public relations efforts and social media outreach meant to increase sales.

Because the client’s ideal customer is an architect, an interior designer or a lighting representative, we know they are seriously busy. This means we had to hit them purposefully.

Your Most Valuable Real Estate On Your Site

We experimented with monthly homepage changes that gave these cultivated visitors to the platform new eye-candy to consume because the most valuable real estate on any site is the homepage above the fold.

We supported the homepage changes with e-blasts that featured the product in the top slide within trend collages. We put tracking codes into these so that we could tell how our campaigns were faring. Inevitably within 30 days, the product featured on the new landing page would become the most downloaded product pdf. Within 60 days, the product often became the bestseller.

What Gets Measured Gets Managed

This proves the adage “what gets measured gets managed.” The knowledge the effort brought the client has been invaluable for planning campaigns. It has even shifted the types of products he sources. This means the focus on sales begins at the most important moment in a company’s process, the point of acquisition. 

Are you hacking your strategy in order to move your company to greater profitability? If not, you should be and we can help