The Distinct Flavor of a Brand

When we read Sally Hogshead’s book Fascinate: How to Make Your Brand Impossible to Resist, a certain idea made us realize that what we do with content on our clients’ websites is we fascinate readers. It was this snippet of the book that drove the realization home: “Your brand’s advantage gives it its distinct flavor, but what about when your message needs more nuance? What about when you are competing for new business that requires a further point of differentiation?”

 Each Brand Has a Distinct Flavor

Bringing nuance to writing and creating points of differentiation is exactly what we do with our content, which we infuse with a distinct flavor that represents each client’s offerings. How do we illustrate distinctive character? Here are three different clients whose offerings require different qualities:

Currey & Company is renowned for elegant lighting such as the Vivienne Chandelier, which we brought to life in this product description; “Invite the Vivienne Chandelier into any room and she will flaunt her formal loveliness with great poise. The feathery accents have been treated to a warm contemporary gold leaf finish that adds an extra dose of ethereal beauty when combined with the white fabric shade, white acrylic diffuser and dangling crystals. Place the three-light chandelier in a room deserving of a dramatic piece of jewelry.”

With Aidan Gray Home, the garden accessories the manufacturer offers have vintage appeal, by design, so our description of the Large Tulip Basket reflected this point of view: “Our Large Tulip basket is in our French Wire collection, which was inspired by the great gardens of France. This is one of those designs you might expect to find in one of the world’s greatest flea markets, such as the famed Marche aux Puces in Paris, but it is new. Its aged appeal comes from the fact that the iron is hand-bent, the wire is artfully twisted by hand, then the composition is assembled and covered in a rust finish.”

Pandora de Balthazar’s point of view is restorative so we took this tack when describing her European Sleep System: “The European sleep system consists of four specially sized pillows and a wool neckroll designed to cradle your body supportively and promote ergonomically correct, healthy sleep. This set is the Ladies' sleeper that offers the softest sleeping experience. Hungarian goose down, the best in the world, infuses our pillows with a luxurious feel. Experience the restorative power of sleep in a luxurious haven created especially for you, an encounter that will allow you to wake up truly refreshed and renewed and help you to stay alert all day.”

You will notice through these profiles that we are writers who understand design, as we have been involved in crafting content for the home design industry for decades. Does your website content fascinate visitors enough to inspire them to click on the purchase, share or contact button? It certainly should. We’re pro’s at creating just the right flavor that will make this happen so share with us the tastes you love!