To Blog or Not to Blog

To Blog or Not to Blog on Adroyt

We gain a great deal of satisfaction from working with all of our clients to help them strengthen their online footprint. Some ask us to create and maintain blogs for them while others prefer not to put their resources into an ongoing effort like weekly or even monthly posts.

To Blog or Not to Blog

We have once particular client who has revisited the idea of long-form blogging for several years, and with each review she says the effort wouldn’t have the level of pay-off she would require for the amount of work involved. We are thrilled when our clients dig into issues like this and make heartfelt and solid decisions before they begin (or, even worse, begin and abandon) the effort.

Why did we bring up blogging in the first place? She has a project-based business so there were no content adds going onto her site continuously. Because text that would entice Google to come back to the site to crawl was not being added with regularity, we needed to create opportunities for that to happen.

One of the things this client is supremely good at is gaining publicity for her efforts so we decided to set up pages for her different projects onto which we were able to add excerpts when she landed reviews that linked back to the full article. The strategy here is meant to help a client who doesn’t want to blog, per se, but who wants to strengthen the presence of a brand on the web.

Sometimes it’s important to be creative when looking for ways to create assets that may not be as powerful as a site generating continual long-form content but can make a difference all the same. As always, our desire is to have our clients care about content creation, so much so that they strategize with us to make their platforms the best they can be even when the online footprints remain relatively small.