We Are Writers by Design

Adroyt content strategy for the design industry

We at adroyt often say that what sets us apart is that we are writers who understand organic ranking on search. Though this is the case, it’s not the whole truth, as we are also writers who are exceptionally well-versed in design. Marketing experts agree that a brand must define the culture to which it is marketing and be faithful to that culture. It gives us great pride that we bring such a depth of knowledge of the design industry to the content strategy and optimization we do for our clients. 

Our Design Diary, which we publish on this site, illustrates our writing chops where home furnishings, interior design and architecture are concerned. We craft these blog posts when we spot trends or attend design events we want to share with our readers. A large measure of being faithful to a culture is creating context. One client in particular, Aidan Gray Home, made producing furnishings that look as if they could have been born in the South of France a veritable artform.

The Kason Arm Chair is an example, a decidedly French chair we gave this description on the website: “European oak and iron intermingle to make our Kason arm chair with its cane seat a nod to the continental style you would find in upscale cafes in Paris or Rome, or in dining rooms in the south of France. The bands of iron that crisscross its back lend the natural wood a bit of an informal feel, while the pale hues of the oak keep the design from feeling overly heavy.”

We describe the Mary Katherine Cane Back Chair this way: “Because we knew our Mary Katherine Cane Back chair would be a graceful focal point within any room it is placed, we made certain it expresses all the style symbolic of the casually chic interiors of the South of France. But we have infused it with the added dose of comfort we’ve come to expect in America. The Parker gray finish on this version of the chair complements the matte black leather upholstery.”

Since we completed our first wave of optimizing the content on the Aidan Gray Home website, we have seen the manufacturer move up in search results with phrases like French chandelier and South of France design. This is the level of specificity we achieve in our work for our clients in the home furnishings industry and we’d love to begin a conversation with you if you are tired of having ho-hum content represent your brand.