Colorful Furnishings and Tabletop at Maison & Objet

Our previous post covered the color trends we saw during Heimtextil. Today we’re going to look at the most prominent hues we spotted during Maison & Objet. Continuing the trending of mossy green, cinnamon, mustard yellow and soft rose hues we pointed out before, the products we saw in Paris fell perfectly in line with our predictions.

 Color Trends in Paris

Olsson & Jensen new introductions at Maison & Objet

Olsson & Jensen had all four of these colors in their new tabletop introductions, the table setting a lovely illustration of our finds in glass, ceramic and wood.

Triss debuted chairs in mossy shades of velvet at Maison & Objet. Image © adroyt TrendTake.

These sexy dining chairs in the Triss stand nailed the mossy shades of green we are seeing now.

Tsimoka Madagascar Handicraft supports communities with their products.

Not only were the eco-friendly products within the Tsimoka Madagascar Handicraft booth on-point color-wise, they have a wonderful story as a collective of artisans. They support craftsmen and women living in the villages near Antananarivo, supporting more than 200 hamlets and improving the living conditions of its inhabitants by providing food, housing and schooling. 

Munna introduced new products during Maison & Objet.

Munna always satisfies our desire for luxury, not only in the hand of the lush upholstery fabrics they use to cover their seating, but because they go the distance with detailing.

Meloday and Olympia counter stools from Munna at Maison & Objet.

Melody and Olympia counter stools from Munna in lush fabrics in cinnamon hues.

Munna’s Fringes armchair and stool in a hot mustard yellow.

Munna’s Fringes armchair and stool in a hot mustard yellow are front and center on our trends list.

The Olympia armchair by Munna in a lovely pale mossy green. 

The Olympia armchair by Munna in a lovely pale mossy green.

The Icona cuckoo clock by Diamantini Domeniconi.

The Icona is one of the playful cuckoo clocks produced by Diamantini Domeniconi, shown here in a bright mustardy yellow that is truly on trend for our color forecasting. Made of lacquered wood, it was designed by Giovanni Levanti.

Le Comptoir des Teintures remarkable fabrics in rose tones.

Le Comptoir des Teintures had some remarkable fabrics in their stand in a number of our trending shades that included this intermingling of rose tones.

Amazónia table made of resin with a verdigris lacquered finish by Karpa.

Karpa had verdigris under the table, their organically designed Amazónia made of resin that is reinforced with fiberglass has a lacquered finish. It was stunning.

Herdmar Utensils with brightly colored handles.

Meanwhile on top of the table, we spotted mustard and rose hues in Herdmar’s utensils with colorful handles that bring a kicky feel to a table setting.

Anke Drechsel introduced poofs at Maison Objet.

Anke Drechsel introduced these lovely poofs at Maison & Objet, the top one on point for this color trend piece. These lush beauties were such a draw, the Anke Drechsel stand was filled with people lounging on top of them!

Nude Glass in dark mossy greens at Maison & Objet includes the Mr&Mrs Night Set.

If you don’t normally think of glass in a dark mossy green, you will think again when you see these new introductions by Nude Glass. We were particularly wowed by the Mr&Mrs Night Set designed by Erdem Akan.

Nanimarquina rugs introduced during Maison & Objet in January.

We’ve followed the stellar rise of Nanimarquina for many years. Their introductions in January included these rugs in mossy greens and dusky rose tones.  

Julia Knight introduced a beautiful collection of raw-edged bowls during Maison & Objet. 

Our green sightings included this collection of bowls by Julia Knight that have irregular shapes and raw edges for a stunning organic feel.

Lounge Bora Bora in the Marc Polderman Aangenaam XL stand at Maison & Objet.

Marc Polderman means it when he says “Live Life Large!” His Lounge Bora Bora introduced in the Aangenaam XL stand beckons, especially after a full day on our feet at Maison & Objet!

Casta Nova’ Crystal and Pearl collections debuted during Maison & Objet. 

Costa Nova’s table was set with lovely shades of green during the show, pieces in their new Crystal and Pearl collections bringing warmth to their stand.


We leave you today with this delightful oratory by Cucù, one of the fun offerings from Diamantini Domeniconi that was designed by Pascal Tarabay.