In Search of Unique Inspiration

Deco Off Lanterns sway above the streets of the Left Bank

In our second review of Paris Déco Off, one of the end-all/be-all event for introductions in textiles and wallcoverings in Europe, Robin Garceau, founder of Robin Garceau Interiors, taps a few more debuts that brought her inspiration. If you missed it, her first post featured new collections by other top brands producing textiles and wallpaper. How do you know Deco Off is taking over Paris? By the fabric lanterns swaying about the streets on the Left Bank each January!


Robin Finds Unique Inspiration in Paris

Luxembourg Palace in Paris bathed in sunlight

As a designer, I am always in search of unique inspiration. While walking through the streets of Paris, you are surrounded by beauty: the art, the architecture, the language. Take the Luxembourg Palace, above, lit by softly luminous sunlight. These examples of graciousness are literally everywhere. Experiencing so much elegance does something to the senses that makes the creations of the designers debuting in town feel more like art than interior elements: as I’m thumbing through the books holding the new releases, I am struck by how they are not just fabrics or wallcoverings but true pieces of art; visions conceived by talented creators.


Lori Weitzner

 Lori Weitzner’s studio White Box Sanctuary

White Box Sanctuary, Lori Weitzner’s Design Studio, allows artists to create drawings and paintings for inspiration in her collections. These compositions bring the designer’s work a feeling that the soul of the hand is in each product. Not going unnoticed is the numerous fabrics and wall treatments that are Class-A certified, which elevates the level of design for commercial and residential projects.  

 the Flair pattern of wallpaper by Lori Weitzner 

Her innovative coverings for the wall include fabric-backed textiles. Flair, a wallcovering that exhibits the construction of pleated fabric, is infused with deep rich tones that create chic artistry for any wall. Kaleidoscope, the newest collection, includes a myriad of designs for 2019, each inspired by the patterning and color-fracturing made by a kaleidoscope. 

 Color Stories by Lori Weitzner 

Her color stories are beautifully blended with different textures to create a pathway for designs to smoothly advance through multiple spaces. Chroma, her vision of a grasscloth is not what it seems. This modern multi-colored fabric is woven into a textural pattern with incredible depth and softness. Ambient, a modern vinyl wall treatment created by the artisans in White Box Sanctuary, incorporates a subdued mylar, giving it a subtle, yet glamorous feel.

Medley fabric by Lori Weitzner

One of my absolute favorites throughout Deco Off was Medley, a beautiful open weave casement fabric…art for your windows.



Nature Lab fabric collection by Pollock

Again, with Pollack, the art of the treatments stood out. Their collection Nature Lab is inspired by the unique textures, surfaces and motifs found in nature. It was wonderful to see the progression of original gouache paintings capturing the nuanced details turned into a stunning embroidered fabric with bold and dynamic colors.

True Horizon fabric collection by Pollock

The True Horizon Collection is born from views where land and sky meet, sometimes fusing together, to create a modern composition that allows the designer to incorporate the patterns into multiple stylistic notes from modern and coastal to traditional. The three bold and beautiful colorways, along with the sophistication of its large repeat, create a flowing, uninterrupted design for furniture and draperies.

Style Library

Les Dames, a pattern in the Zoffany Icons Collection

Zoffany debuted the Icons Collection that is based upon archival prints that pay homage to the cultural renaissance that took place during the early 20thcentury. Within this collection is the Les Dames pattern, which incorporates lovely painterly faces in quick brushstrokes to give it a classic, elegant feel.

1928 Abstract, a pattern in the Zoffany Icons Collection

The 1928 Abstract pattern is a bold geometric design on a linen ground with a soft luxurious hand. Introducing this pattern into any style of room will automatically create a stunning statement.

Deco Deer fabric by Zoffany

Deco Deer is classic Zoffany. The fact the patterns are interpretations of original French prints in bold, striking colors, means they will bring an eye-catching dramatic moment to any traditional- or transitional-styled space.

Design Diary thanks Robin for her intrepid reporting. Fabric as art is indeed a story with each of these brands, and we continue to be impressed with the creative vision coming out of Lori Weitzner’s White Box Sanctuary. A quote by Jacqueline Patricks headlines the process page for the studio, illustrating how deep the artistic discipline is in Weitzner’s work: “Art is a journey of excellence, not a goal of perfection.” In the video above, she speaks about intention, and about having an emotional connection to the interiors we live within and the products that make them special. Take two and a half minutes to watch it. It will be an inspiring respite in your day.