Let Us Pause for Patina

Beth Webb designed this beautiful room with hints of patina


Walking through the showrooms during Dallas Market in June and Atlanta Market in July, I noticed that offerings exhibiting powerful patina were popping up everywhere. As someone who has been writing about design for over two decades, I’ve seen distressed surfaces bring soulfulness to rooms that span all stylistic tendencies. Take the image above, a luminous room designed by Beth Webb in which she inserted just the right touches of patina.

About her point of view when it comes to introducing distressed surfaces as she did in this space, Beth says, “To achieve patina in an interior, I try to always factor in a well-considered layering of textures, materials and finishes to enhance character and a sense of timelessness in what is obviously a contemporary space. The palette of taupes, ivories and earth-tones soften the space further with a Northern European palette.”


Nancy Price designed this space at Acadia Court


Nancy Price is also phenomenal at including pieces, such as the one in the far-left corner of the room above, that bring an aged elegance to the interiors she designs. The finish on this cabinet was custom, as she wanted to replicate the feel of an Italian antique piece she had seen. 

Pausing for Antique Patina

Before we get to the new products I saw that exude time-honored wear, I thought it would be fun to salute a few of the antiques dealers who brought some serious distressing to AmericasMart.


Benton Hayden & Associates brought antiques to AmericasMart


This daybed knocked me out when I spotted it. The combination of aged wood and upholstery fastened with nailheads coalesce to make the piece feel both old and modern. The addition of the festive pillows was tongue-in-cheek perfection! It was brought to the show by Benton Hayden & Associates from Chamblee, Georgia.


The Silk Purse Antiques brought antiques to AmericasMart


Bringing aged beauty to the show from Zionsville, Indiana, Silk Purse Antiques had this incredible bench front and center in their stand. Everything about it says, “I’ve lived a long life of adventure; where would you place me so we can continue the excitement?” You can find Benton Hayden & Associates and the Silk Purse at the Warehouse on Green at 3910 Green Industrial Way in Chamblee in between shows. 


Huff Harrington Home brought antiques to AmericasMart


Atlanta-based Huff Harrington Home had a number of pieces in their stand that struck my fancy. Look at this little guy in the foreground with so much ‘tude! And the planters are that perfect shade of red to be so heavily distressed, aren’t they?


Artifacts Atlanta brought antiques to AmericasMart


Also from Atlanta, Artifacts was showing faux bois that oozed age—the bench legs and the table base illustrate why the “fake wood” aesthetic has become an every-era classic. And look at the lichen on the bench seat and back. That piece has spent some serious time considering the other elements that make up the garden!


EtuHome offers both new products, vintage finds and antiques


Though Etú Home was not among the antiques dealers, the Atlanta showroom was sprinkled with period finds. The company offers a mix of new and antique home furnishings, and these beauties were all the more soulful surrounded as they were by a modern black finish. This illustrates how patina brings eloquence to a space regardless of the style surrounding it. 


Nancy Price always sets up popular vignettes during the markets she shows during


Fans of Nancy Price flock to her vignettes when she brings her unerring eye for style to a market. The fact that the Jackson, Mississippi-based designer is so much fun is merely a bonus! She always has the most remarkable mix of home furnishings, antiques, art and jewelry in her vignettes, as you can see in the above image I snapped in the Codarus showroom in Atlanta. The featured image on this post was also taken in her stand. Such style!

Pausing for New Patina

And now for a look at the aged effects I saw on newly manufactured products in both Atlanta and Dallas. Offerings in nearly every category caught my eye as I walked the floors.


Square Feathers created a mix of modern and vintage with the Baker occasional table


The chill of the Lucite frame and the warmth of the distressing on the top of the Baker occasional table brought to the Codarus showroom by Square Feathers is another piece that proves modern and vintage can go hand-in-hand when tastefully paired.


Port 68 brought the beautiful Belair chest to their showroom in AmericasMart


This Belair chest in the Port 68 showroom was swirling with so much personality I couldn’t resist its gravitational pull. This piece proves that just because a thing is shiny, it doesn’t mean it can’t have the effect of tried-and-true patina.


Provence Home has many products exuding patina in their showroom in AmericasMart


In the Provence Home showroom, distressing ruled the roost. From lamps and furniture and decorative accessories to maps with made-to-look-antique appeal, the possibilities for procuring patina was boundless.


Bobo has a fabulously unique point of view in their showroom in AmericasMart


I had a fabulous time combing through the Bobo Intriguing Objects showroom. I salute the brand for crafting the perfect tagline (Intriguing Objects) because such a high number of these were tucked into nearly every corner of the varied spaces.


Nyla is a driftwood stool in a whitewashed finish by Made Goods


I spotted the Nyla Driftwood stool with a whitewashed finish in the Made Goods showroom, the knobby number the perfect choice to bring patina into a space. Imagine how much more exotic happy hour will be with a tray of drinks spritzing on its top!


The Currey & Company Quest Table Lamp exudes soulful patina


The Quest table lamp in the Currey & Company showroom may give the impression that its lived a long life but the concrete base finished in a rustic gray is affecting a ruse, as it is fabulously new.


Global Views brought the Teeter Totter console table to their showroom in AmericasMart


The mix of patina and texture that the Global Views Teeter Totter console table emanates makes this a statement piece. How did it get its rugged good looks? Stone from the desert of Rajasthan is hand-chiseled and sculpted by artisans. Its exotic birthplace and the fun name make this table a true conversation starter!


The Trieste bench in the Mr. Brown Home showroom in Atlanta

The Trieste bench in the Mr. Brown Home showroom in Atlanta had a luminous finish that would bring texture to a room while adding contemporary lines. The finish is Hammered Gold Armour, and I can vouch for the fact it projects a fierce beauty.


Bill Luttrell has such a wide array of products in his showroom in the Dallas Market Center, like this lovely mirrored bed


During Dallas Market, I spotted this beautiful mirrored panel bed in the Bill Luttrell showroom. This is another piece that proves sheen doesn’t mean the illusion of patina is any less lovely that a chafed surface.


Aidan Gray is known for manufacturing new home décor products with great distressing


Few companies present the variety of newly manufactured products with time-honored appeal than Aidan Gray Home does. This vignette is but one of many I saw in the Dallas and Atlanta showrooms during both markets.


The Touch of France showroom in the Dallas Market Center has great finds like this console table


Last but by no means least, this console table in the Touch of France showroom has that winning combination of a distressed surface and a light-and-airy composition. It’s truly a classic piece that will never go out of style.  

I hope you enjoyed this perusal of patina from a few of the summer markets. I’ll be on the hunt for more inspirations to share. If you spot any knockout products or projects, let me know and I’ll put them in the mix for future posts.