Why We Must Create Thick Value

There is a post on the Harvard Business Review site that I return to when I feel I need to remind myself what differentiates us at adroyt from other strategists. Though the content creation game has changed dramatically during the seven years we’ve been involved in the field, the piece, titled “The Awesomeness Manifesto,” continues to be a touchstone because it reminds us to renew our commitment to producing “thick value” for clients each time we make a move for them, which the author of the post, Umair Haque, describes as “real, meaningful and sustainable.”

Thick Value is a Touchstone for Adroyt

Awesomeness is Creating Thick Value

He goes on to say: “It happens by making people authentically better off and not merely by adding more bells and whistles.” Awesomeness, he adds, happens when thick value “is created by people who love what they do, added to insanely great stuff, and multiplied by communities who are delighted and inspired because they are authentically better off.” Haque practices what he preaches more than most, his story a searing one. We thank him for the wisdom he shared, a gift that keeps on giving as we create content that we believe makes readers of our clients’ sites authentically better off.

This post serves as the jumping off point for a series of asset reviews and case studies we’ll be publishing here, the explorations important to helping us explain why we are different as content strategists, curators, creators and managers with SEO savvy built into our company’s DNA. Haque’s premise that awesomeness is “multiplied by communities who are delighted and inspired because they are authentically better off” is one of the concepts that we know causes many small business owners to want quick results when marketing themselves online today.

This is unfortunate because with the din of content that is unleashed every day, superficiality makes it more difficult to become noticed beyond the established communities these companies have built. This requires gaining traction with search engines, which, we always warn, if done properly takes depth and is a slow burn. This is even truer with clients who have smaller footprints on the web, which many of ours do. That’s why we concentrate on meaning rather than superficiality to produce an internet presence for brands that will gain long-term traction. The slow burn requires patience and persistence, and a great deal of testing and measuring over time. We enjoy putting the quality in because we believe that in giving our clients’ visitors great user experience (UX), we are positioning them promisingly for the long haul.

User Experience is an Adroyt Focus

How important will UX become? One of our go-to sources for SEO advice is Search Engine Land. In May, they rolled out a post titled “3 predictions about the future of SEO” with the number one prediction being “UX will play a larger role.” The author of the post, Ryan Shelley, wrote, “Today’s SEO professionals not only need to have a technical understanding of how to optimize websites and different types of content for search engines, they also need to understand how people interact with the web.” He warns, “But knowing is just half the battle.”

He says this is true because “understanding how to apply this information practically is what will continue to separate the ‘pros’ from the ‘Joes.’ Google is obsessed with the user—and you should be, too. As search results become more and more customized, user experience (UX) is going to play a larger role in search. If your content is not engaging your users, you will lose out, no matter how great your information is.”

We particularly agree with this advice: “I would invest time in learning your users inside and out. Then, I would create content that not only helps them, but engages them as well.” This is where we at adroyt live as content strategists, content marketers and content creators, our focus solely on crafting engaging messaging with thick value. If this resonates with you, be in touch so we can begin a conversation about what sets you or your company apart and how we can help get the word out.

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