Saxon Henry holds At Homes Salons on Tuesdays at 4pm

Tuesday At Homes

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Following in the tradition of the Edwardian Salonnières, who called their salons "At Homes," I invite you to become a habitué of my modern take on their conversational exploits. There is one requirement for participation in The Modern Salon At Homes: a writer’s notebook that you will use to put down your ideas and record interesting anecdotes you hear during the salon that could bear witness to your place in this puzzle we are trying to piece together called “a new way of living.” While politics can be discussed conceptually, your own partisanism must be limited to your notebook so that the salon does not become exclusionary or contentious.

Because writing things down motivates you to look closely at life, one exercise each week will be given to participants, the results of which will be discussed the following week. The first exercise is “Think back on your life and identify what you would have said was the strongest defining event you experienced prior to the pandemic. Write about why. Then write about whether the pandemic has changed your perspective.”

Individual At Homes will cost $20 and discounted blocks of four will cost $75. Click on the drop-down menu above to choose which purchase you'd like to make. 

The Tuesday At Homes will take place via Zoom beginning in Fall 2020. You will be sent a link each Monday for that week’s salon. Salon participation is limited to between six and twelve participants.