The Relevancy Audit

Entice More Buyers to Your Site


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You’ve put a jaw-dropping amount of money into your website and your increase in traffic is not enough to have justified the expense.

You’ve spent untold amounts of money on beautiful photography but you aren’t drawing the design savants you thought you would.

You are well known in the design industry but your position in search beyond your company name is negligible.

Sound Familiar?

If any of these scenarios sum up your struggle to make traction online, and you are a manufacturer of home furnishing products, a company that designs projects or one who supports the décor industry in some way, you are the perfect candidate for adroyt’s relevancy audit.

Why Adroyt and Why Now?

Internet users have grown by 82% in the past five years and we understand what it means to give them a great experience, the mandate that Google has set for websites. We’ve been involved in all aspects of content strategy for the past seven years and we have watched artificial intelligence grow into a fluent marketing entity all its own.

When your website is optimized healthily, someone searching for a product you sell has a greater chance of finding YOUR product rather than your competitor’s.

Our Relevancy Audits Include

A Relevancy Audit begins with a look behind the scenes of your site. During this survey, we identify the weaknesses in content that are holding you back from being ranked highly in search.

We take a look in every nook and cranny to tell you what mistakes are holding you back from greater profitability. We undertake a survey of your site, field-by-field, to note where missteps have been made or where content is missing. We look at image fields and titles, pages and product profiles for any content errors, focus keywords, word count requirements, headings and subheadings, product tags, and blog tags and categories.

Each of these, and anything else we see that you should know about, will be included in the report that provides you with definitive fixes to improve your position in rank.

Don't Cut Your Chances for Ranking Short

If you’ve hired SEO specialists in the past without gaining ground, it’s likely because they didn’t understand content like we do. Most SEO specialists aren’t writers and the coding that they do to make a site more discoverable is only half the battle. And we have an edge when it comes to creating content for the design industry.

You’ve heard that paying to optimize content can backfire on you but this refers to a different process than we undertake—we would never come in and stuff keywords into your site; we populate every field with beautifully crafted content that gives a search engine a wealth of powerful words to crawl.

Taking the Relevancy Audit and Turning It into Gold

Our relevancy audit is the first in a suite of services we’ve created to help you grow your community beyond your current fans in the design industry. This is the starting point to welcoming new consumers to your brand.

Fixing the problems with our Content Optimization services will place the puzzle pieces that make up your site seamlessly to create a powerful website in Google’s eyes. These are varied, and even the smallest ones can make a significant difference.

Contact us to schedule a consultation.