Strategy Hacking

Your Referral Traffic Should Work for You,
Not Against You

 Strategy Hacking by Adroyt

You’ve hired a social media marketer to create engagement but you are not seeing any increase in sales.

You are spending money on social media advertising but you are not sure whether your investment is converting to cash.

Your products are getting the attention of influencers on social media channels but it doesn’t seem to be translating to high-quality traffic.

Sound Familiar?

If these scenarios sum up your point of view and you are a manufacturer of home furnishing products, a company that designs projects or one who supports the décor industry in some way, you are the perfect candidate for adroyt’s Strategy Hacking Services.

Why Adroyt and Why Now?

 Unless you are studying your analytics with regularity to see how the traffic from your social media platforms and other referrers are affecting your SEO, you could be weakening the power your site has in Google’s eyes.

Implementing social media campaigns without knowing whether they are helping or hurting you gain traction is shortsighted. We give you the magnifying glass that will help you make informed decisions about the money you spend or the energy you invest online.

Our Strategy Hacking Services Include

With our Strategy Hacking Services, we measure what’s happening behind the scenes of your website, we identify those platforms that are challenging your ability to draw new customers, make ongoing recommendations as to how you can improve the activity coming in from all of your referral sites, and we produce reports that clearly define the traffic coming into your site.

This service has a prerequisite in our UX Evaluation during which we generate a baseline report. Once we’ve pulled your first report, the other steps we undertake will help you achieve greater respect from Google so that you come up in searches earlier and earlier.

Being in the Know Means You’ll Be Good to Go

If your brand has a lively presence on social media and it’s not translating to sales, remaining frustrated and in the dark is no way to break out of the pack. If you’ve been blaming the staff or freelancers you’ve hired to run your social media campaigns, it may not be their fault. Better to be safe than sorry when it comes to knowing where to spend your time and money online.

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