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Wow Your Customers with a Great User Experience
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Adroyt UX Evaluations

You’ve heard that Google is constantly strengthening its algorithm tweaks to favor User Experience but you’re not sure what this means.

You’ve heard there are ways you can measure how long visitors stay on your website and what that means but you don’t know where to start.

You want to hire someone to make sure your website meets all the criteria that search engines deem necessary to be found by consumers but you are not sure how to tell whether someone is trustworthy with your valuable online assets.

Sound Familiar?

If any of these points made you nod your head yes, and you are a manufacturer of home furnishing products, a company that designs projects or one who supports the décor industry in some way, you are the perfect candidate for adroyt’s UX Evaluation.

Why Adroyt and Why Now?

Knowing if you are providing an exemplary UX, and tweaking it if you are not, is the only way to reach a coveted search position anywhere near the front page. The bots and spiders crawling the web are looking behind the scenes in order to know whether your site is perceived (by consumers) as deserving of attention; our report will give you concrete statistics as to whether you are pleasing the visitors who come to your website or disappointing them.

Every move that Google has made during the past several years is aimed at rewarding a site for providing an excellent user experience (or kicking it to the curb if it does not). The bonus is more eyes on your products; when you’re kicked to the curb, you might as well be invisible to potential new consumers.

Our UX Evaluations Include the Following

Our UX Evaluation services include: assistance in installing analytics into your website if you do not already have it installed, a look behind the magic curtain to see how you are being judged by Google, analytics reports that we decode for you that will tell you how you are faring. [If no analytics have been previously installed, there will be a thirty-day period between installation and the first analyses.]


If You Don’t Know Your Dwell Time, You Are Working Blind

When a bot or a spider makes its way through your corner of the internet, it gives your site a thumb’s up or a thumb’s down by analyzing the quality of your traffic whether you are paying attention or not. Let us be your eyes and ears so you can make an informed decision as to whether your site is serving you well or frustrating your efforts to grow your business.

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