Design Diary visits the Aviva Stanoff atelier in San Diego.

Aviva Stanoff Connects the Threads

“I feel like I’m painting with everything,” says Aviva Stanoff as we walked through the product designer’s San Diego atelier several weeks ago. “My paintbrushes include rocks, textiles, natural elements and, of course, paintbrushes.” Every corner of the studio is a revelation as the different inspiration vignettes she has created come into view: handmade Japanese

Nancy Price brought this antique bed to the Atlanta Market

Patina in Interior Design

Walking through the showrooms during Dallas Market in June and Atlanta Market in July, we noticed that offerings exhibiting powerful patina in interior design were popping up everywhere. As content creators who has been writing about design for over two decades, we’ve seen distressed surfaces bring soulfulness to rooms that span all stylistic tendencies. Take