a universal glaze that becomes an asymmetrical design element

Asymmetrical Design Elements Stateside

As promised in our last Design Diary entry, which featured asymmetrical design elements and furnishings with organic shapes being exhibited around the world, we’re taking a look at what we’ve seen stateside that fits into these interesting categories. Why the fascination with the uneven in interiors? As Cecil Adams, the VP of Creative at Currey

a glass vase with bright blue organically shaped circles on it

Asymmetrical and Organic Shapes in Design

Our inbox has been blowing up lately with furnishings that have asymmetrical and organic shapes being exhibited and sold around the world. We thought we’d share some of our favorites being offered globally, and stay tuned for a look at examples debuting stateside, as the proliferation of the curvy and uneven was evident during High

Design Diary visits the Aviva Stanoff atelier in San Diego.

Aviva Stanoff Connects the Threads

“I feel like I’m painting with everything,” says Aviva Stanoff as we walked through the product designer’s San Diego atelier several weeks ago. “My paintbrushes include rocks, textiles, natural elements and, of course, paintbrushes.” Every corner of the studio is a revelation as the different inspiration vignettes she has created come into view: handmade Japanese