Dreams Are Made of This

Bella Notte Linens create products that make dreams come true
Bella Notte’s Sumptuous Silk Velvet Bedding

Nothing is more sacred than sleep and the greater the sumptuousness to the bedding, the more rewarding the experience of resting will be. Case in point are the incredible products by Bella Notte Linens, particularly their silk velvet offerings that we are highlighting today. Not only do they live up to the sensual quality everyone’s skin craves, they are strikingly beautiful to the eye.  

Bella Notte Makes Dreams Come True

Bella Notte Linens creates luxurious products
A luxurious sleep awaits!

In case you haven’t heard of this brand, there is an even deeper reason to respect the point of view the company maintains. The message is clear, as they proclaim, “Luxury goes beyond design. We responsibly source the finest quality materials from all over the world, applying low-impact dyes and finishes. By creating consciously made home textiles, we are stewards of the planet, the people who make our products, and the families who sleep in them.”

Bella Notte Linens creates products that make dreams come true
Not only vibrant colorize, but sumptuous to the hand.

Bella Notte describes their aesthetic as elegant and bohemian with a dash of modern romanticism thrown in for good measure. Philosophically, they aspire to inspire by producing sartorial offerings just as couture fashion houses do. They can afford to do so because they have such a hands-on approach. They explain, “Since 1996, we have been dedicated to local, small batch manufacturing using the finest globally sourced materials. Each of our pieces is exquisitely crafted by the hands of master sewers, and garment dyed to order in an artisanal dye house with our harmonious, hand-mixed color palette.”

Bella Notte Linens creates sumptuous products
Richness is evident in each of these offerings.

This means that every Bella Notte product is one-of-a-kind due to the tonal variations resulting from their unique dye process. They see their products as “livable, washable luxury,” as even the silks and velvets can skip the dry cleaning and the harsh chemicals that come with it. Their linens become softer as time passes so the experience of sliding into them when the long days are done become more delicious over time. We at Design Diary love how these products become heirlooms due to the strength of the weaves and the meticulous way they are constructed—a waste-less approach we wish more companies could achieve. 

Silk Velvets by Bella Notte

Bella Notte Linens creates products that make dreams come true
Serenity in the making.

Within the Silk Velvet Collection are Carmen blankets and throw pillows; Loulah blankets and throw pillows, which have wonderful raw edges; Lynette embroidery-on-silk blankets and throw pillows; and Silk-Velvet Quilted blankets and throw pillows. You can see from the images we are featuring in this post that these products are sumptuous and soulful. We hope you’ve enjoyed the dreamy nod to this heartfelt company!

We featured Bella Notte’s products in this other post in case you want to see more of the company’s offerings. We are seriously big fans!

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